Regular Slotted Cartons

Regular boxes are referred to as Regular Slotted Cartons (RSCs), and are cartons that ship flat and use slots and scores to turn into formed boxes at your premises. These are very common choices for outer packaging and are economical to buy. The Regular Slotted Carton is the workhorse that gets most products from factories to their customers. Regular boxes can be manufactured in a range of sizes and thicknesses (gauge). The right box for your business depends on the nature of your product and the purpose of the carton (for example, protection vs display). Our regular boxes are made using standard equipment and usually have very low setup and design costs. They also have low minimum run quantities.

How a box is made and assembled

Sheet is manufactured to size, and horizontal scores are added off the corrugator machine. The sheet is then scored vertically and slotted on a secondary machine. Printing also occurs at this stage. The carton is then glued along the glue flap, and bundled flat packed onto a pallet.

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