Processed Food Boxes

Corrugated Carton Products has a cost-effective and environmentally friendly processed food boxes and packaging solutions to cater for your needs. With our innovative custom cardboard packaging, you: can build greater customer value and higher revenue for your product, increase perceived value for specialised products, and enhance the gift appeal of products to drive seasonal sales.

Pizza Cartons

We manufacture in high-strength corrugated cardboard to make pizza boxes that are strong, well-presented and recyclable. Corrugated cardboard boxes are durable enough to hold your freshly-baked pizzas without breaking or cracking, and they're available in a many sizes to fit the types of pizza you offer, from large Sicilian to small pan pizzas! We offer generic designs, including 11 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch cartons, or we can custom manufacture to suit your pizza sizes and thicknesses. We supply to some Australia’s leading restaurants and have assisted with their ongoing packaging requirements.

Bakery, Cake & Cupcake Boxes

Be sure to package your beautifully crafted confectioneries in quality bakery boxes! We can manufacture a range of bakery and cake boxes, and we have options for any cake, cookie assortment, cupcake selection, or other baked good. Windowless bakery boxes are ideal for custom orders, deliveries, or purchases that have been placed ahead of time and don't require merchandising to sell them.