Heavy Duty Boxes

Packaging goods in bulk is a fundamental method of reducing carton and associated costs and will derive additional significant handling and transport savings. We manufacture a range of heavy duty boxes and board grades for cartons requiring extra strength and durability. Products that are stored or transported in heavy duty boxes can benefit from handling efficiency: reduces warehouse costs as can be column stacked or used in racking systems, can be printed with corporate branding, quick and easy to assemble, cost effective and reusable, custom sizes available on request.

Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes Palbox and Sampal

These intermediate bulk containers comprising a specially designed pallets with corrugated base flap fixtures and a heavy duty corrugated container made from Heavy Duty Board. Palboxes comprise of a box, sleeve and foam feet, and are available in 3 sizes suitable for pallets. Sampal boxes comprise of a box, a wing fitting attached to a wooden pallet, and are available in 3 sizes suitable for pallets.