Why Choose Corrugated Cardboard Displays?

Want to grab the attention of your customers? Communicate the brand and benefits of your product at the moment of choice? Increase sales? Our cardboard point of sale displays might be just the answer for you. The aim is for us to help you create visually captivating cardboard displays that reinforces your brand and boosts sales of your product. You can choose between our standard designs (ready to go in no time with no set up costs!) or we can help you design and manufacture a display made to suit your product and market type. If you have a display in mind, no matter how complex or simple, we can bring it alive in your market using our design skills and manufacturing experience.

  • Versatile design options – Able to be crafted into almost any shape or dimension.
  • Hard wearing semi-permanent at far lower cost than plastic, wood or metal materials.
  • Lightweight and preferred by most retailers due to ease of transport and storage.
  • Flat-pack options so a display can be transported easily or bundled into a job-lot pallet purchase.
  • Easy storage and delivery to retail or sales representatives/territory managers.
  • Variety of print options, from 1 colour up to full colour depending on quantities required.

How to Choose the Right Point Of Sale Display for Your Business

Here are some of the factors you will need to consider when you design displays:

  • Context: What is the purpose of the display? Is it for branding? Or simply putting stock-weight on the floor of a retailer?
  • Loads and Structure: What load will it bear? What features are mandatory? Are there any mandatory dimensions or safety constraints to consider?
  • Time in the market: How long do you need it to last? Weeks? Months? Years?
  • Indoor or outdoor: Will it be outdoor?
  • Contact: Will people, trolleys or machines bump, brush or touch the display while it is in position? Is it a high-traffic zone?
  • Visibility: From how far away does your display need to be visible?
  • Branding Printing: What quality of printing is needed? Is this a premium product or environment? Or a warehouse? Is your product a high-end proposition?
  • Quantity: How many units will you use?
  • Contact: Will the display contact food or be used in the food industry? Might it get wet?
  • Transport: How will the display be transported to market? The back of reps cars? (And, if so, are they wagons?) Or via a courier partner?
  • Time: How much time do you have to design and manufacture the display?

Sounds daunting? Don’t worry – we can help. Just call us and our experienced design and technical experts will help you find the right option for you. We might even come back to you with some options you never would have thought about.

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