Die Cut Boxes

Our Die Cut Boxes are specially made for your exact product shape. The term Die-Cut describes the use of a knife or die to cut or punch out a specific shape that can then be folded precisely. Depending on your volumes, you may be surprised how little extra it will cost you to get the super-premium look of a die cut carton for your product. Reduce costs by optimizing your packaging process with a carton specially designed for your factory or process. Die-cut packaging helps you sell more of your product by making it look fantastic on shelf.

To give you an idea of the versatility of the die-cut carton type here are some common features:

• Self-Closing - closes automatically when packed on your product line
• Crash Lock Bottom - bottom of the carton pops into place with a simple push
• Self-Erecting - sides pop up as you pack
• Handles - for easier handling
• Windows - for your products to be on display
• Locking tabs - to make sure your product isn’t easily tampered with or stolen (a common concern of retailers)
• Strengthening and rigidity - for heavy products or tough environments
• Ready-glued – shipped flat and ready to use - this can cut down the time it takes your warehouse staff to pack and dispatch.