Cardboard Pallets

Save money and freight costs using light weight Cardboard Pallets. These pallets are light weight and tough enough to carry your cargo. When you’re done, place them in a cardboard recycling bin to be reborn into a paper product. An alternative to timber or plastic pallets are cardboard pallets. They are used for export, and mostly for food related products. We design our pallets to carry many different products and to support many different weights.

See the saving using Cardboard Pallets in action:
With airfreight estimates to Japan at approx $15/kg*
Using timber pallets 22kg x $15 = $330.00
Using Cardboard Pallets 8kg x $15 = $120.00
There’s a saving of $210.00 using Cardboard Pallets.
*Based on a pack size of 1200 x 800 x 1000 on 500kg. Quoted using Online Freight calculator of a leading airfreight carrier, Sydney to Japan.