Drink containers don’t just have to keep drinks insulated and protected. They have to be portable and practical for consumers too. It’s with this in mind that Corrugated Carton Products has created an extensive range of corrugated cardboard boxes for beverage and dairy producers.

We ensure that custom cardboard packaging fits in with your product or campaign in a creative, memorable way that increases sales and builds brand awareness. Everything from a printed wine box for export, to bottle box dividers, gift boxes, and shelf ready beverage boxes can be customised to your requirements.

Wine Boxes

Corrugated Carton Products can make a range of different wine boxes, cartons and carry packs to die-cut wraparounds for soft drink cans and bottles. Not only do they help show off products at their best, these designs incorporate features such as carry handles and partition inserts. So they’re not just attractive and efficient, they’re user friendly too.

Beer Boxes